Welcome To Guitar Notes For Beginners HQ…

Guitar notes for beginners imageThanks for visiting!  As a beginner guitarist I’m sure you have a ton of questions about getting started.  You want to learn where the notes go on the guitar, how to read music, how play different chords and scales, and of course, songs, songs, songs!

If you feel like a total beginner or have tried to learn before and didn’t stay with it, have no fear.  I’ll show you where the notes are on the fretboard, and plenty more, in the easiest ways possible.  The biggest trick is learning a few great brain hacks and having a good practice strategy.  I’ll give you those too.

I’ll be writing for both acoustic and electric guitarists.  At the beginning it’s all the same.  Feel free to leave a comment on any of the posts if you have a question and I’ll answer them asap.

One last thing before you dive in… Continue reading

Easy Pentatonic Scale Tricks for Guitar

Easy pentatonic scale guitar tricks

Does playing the same old pentatonic licks make you want to do this?

The Pentatonic Scale is an elegant weapon for a more civilized age. Or maybe that’s a lightsaber.  But pentatonics are kind of a lightsaber for guitarists.  They cut through anything.  Although there are only five forms instead of seven.  Ok, never mind.  Geeking out too much…

The minor pentatonic scale is one of the first scales every guitarist learns.  If you’re not familiar with them yet, please read this lesson first. That will give you the overview and basic patterns.

This lesson is going to show you how to take that simple little box pattern and create some crazy, off the wall sounds with it.  All without learning a bunch of new patterns or jargon. Continue reading

How Long Will It Take Me To Get Good At Guitar?

How long will it take me to get good at guitar?
Ok, you can get good at air guitar pretty quick.

Over the last 20 years of teaching guitar, I’ve been asked this question exactly 1.6 billion (give or take a billion) times.  “How long will it take me to get good at guitar?”  And my answer is the same every time.  “No good teacher will give you an answer to that question.”

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How To Learn Intervals By Ear

This device totally won’t help you learn intervals by ear.

Ear training is, of course, an important part of learning any instrument.  But without guidance it can be tough to know where to start.  That’s where me and my college degree come in.  Lucky you!

We’re going to concentrate on learning how to hear different intervals today.  If you need a refresher on how intervals work and how they lay out on your guitar fretboard, check out this article.  When I was first learning music I never could understand why intervals where important.  Turns out, they are.  Who knew? Continue reading

Buying A Guitar For A Christmas or Birthday Gift? Here’s what to look for…

How to buy a guitar for someone else when you have no idea what to look for.

How To Buy A Gift GuitarFirst of all, let me applaud you for your cool gift idea.  It’s not something you’d usually think of unless the child/friend/mate you’re buying it for has expressed an interest in it.  So you can’t go wrong on that front.

But now that you have the idea, maybe you’ve realized you have no idea what to look for.  I’ll do my best to round up every bit of knowledge I have on the subject to make the buying process easy for you.

I’m going to assume that this guitar is for a beginning guitarist.  Buying for an experience guitarist is a little more involved because the’ve probably developed some specific tastes in guitars.  At the end of this article I’ll give a little advice on buying for the experienced guitarist.

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