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Guitar notes for beginners imageThanks for visiting!  As a beginner guitarist I’m sure you have a ton of questions about getting started.  You want to learn where the notes go on the guitar, how to read music, how play different chords and scales, and of course, songs, songs, songs!

If you feel like a total beginner or have tried to learn before and didn’t stay with it, have no fear.  I’ll show you where the notes are on the fretboard, and plenty more, in the easiest ways possible.  The biggest trick is learning a few great brain hacks and having a good practice strategy.  I’ll give you those too.

Be sure to jump into The 30-Day Guitar Challenge to get started quick!

I’ll be writing for both acoustic and electric guitarists.  At the beginning it’s all the same.  Feel free to leave a comment on any of the posts if you have a question and I’ll answer them asap.

One last thing before you dive in… As awesome as the internet is, and as hard as I’ll be trying to give you solid information, free information on the internet is a little like a buffet.  The food is decent, but it’s always a little toned down for the masses.  It’s not exactly what you need.  So I encourage you to get some personalized help on your guitar playing as well.  Private lessons are the best if you can afford them.  And if you live near San Jose, CA feel free to contact me (by clicking “contact” in the menu) about private lessons.

If private lessons aren’t in the cards for whatever reason, I absolutely can recommend both Learn and Master Guitar or Jamorama for good learning opportunities.  Not only do they offer a great learning experience with plenty of media and learning styles, but they also offer very robust student help communities staffed by experience instructors.  That kind of personal attention can help you learn guitar faster and easier than trying to go it alone.

And yes, I do get a little commission if you sign up for either of those programs.  But I promise that I only recommend things that I know are going to work for you.  My reputation and karma are at stake after all. 🙂

Where To Start on Guitar Notes For Beginners HQ (Step by Step):
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Guitar Notes For Beginners
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