How To Use The Guitar Chord Finder

I’ve added a very handy tool to the site, a guitar chord finder.  You’ll find it in the bottom of the right sidebar.

Eventually you’ll want to understand how to find chord voicings by knowing what notes are in the chord and how to find them on the fretboard.

But as a beginner, it’s really handy to have a chord finder to get a quick fingering for that weird chord you’ve run across. Here’s how to use it. Continue reading

Easy Guitar Fretboard Reading Tricks

On the surface, the guitar fretboard is a mess of notes seemingly thrown on there at random.  But the reality is that there’s a very easy system to easily help you learn every note on your guitar’s fretboard.  You can learn the entire fretboard in 30 minutes with this trick.

None of my teachers ever showed me this for some reason.  So I make sure all my students know about this easy guitar fretboard reading trick. Continue reading

Guitar Notes For Beginners

Ok, this article is the reason you’re here.  We’re going to dive into beginning guitar notes in the open position.  In guitar-speak, the open position is the first three frets of each of the six strings.  If you follow the system I’ll give you at the end of this article, you’ll be able to learn all the beginning guitar notes in the open position in 20 minutes.  Continue reading

How To Read Rhythm Notes For Beginning Guitarists

In your last lesson, “How To Read Guitar Notes For Beginners“, we talked about the different parts of the staff and how the pitch notations are used.

One definition of music is that it’s sounds laid out over time.  We’ve talked about the sound part.  Next we’ll get into time.  In this article we’ll talk about rhythm.  There are two parts to every note: what note to play (pitch) and how long to play it for (rhythm).

We’ll start with the five basic kinds of rhythm notes.  Continue reading